Salon 1827 means family. Our hair family and the owner’s own family. Lesley, the owner of Salon 1827, has two brothers who have been her best friends and biggest supporters. They walked around with some pretty awful haircuts when she started more than sixteen years ago. Everyone has to start somewhere! So when it came time to name the salon, she was sure to include and honor both her brothers for their endless support. The digits 1827 are a combination of the birth dates of Lesley and her brothers.

Lesley has worked in many different environments throughout her career and knew when establishing Salon 1827, and she wanted something unique. All of the cosmetologists are independent and have a distinct style. At Salon 1827, we encourage each stylist to do hair with their creative freedoms. It’s about more than just doing hair. The family of stylists at Salon 1827 have all honed their craft and specialties. Salon 1827 wants to provide a friendly, family-like atmosphere to help the staff be successful and for our clients to love walking in the door.

Pictured above Lesley D. Flanagan, owner Salon 1827.  Photo by  Kreativstudios.net

Pictured above Lesley D. Flanagan, owner Salon 1827.

Photo by Kreativstudios.net

At Salon 1827 you will find various splatters of purple, not just because it’s the owner’s favorite color. It represents the color of both her brother’s birthstone. It also has an industrial feel with our toolbox stations that complete our look for a perfect fit.

Lesley wholeheartedly believes that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for the love and support of her family. Also, The wonderful mentors she has encountered in this industry have helped shape her business. She is lucky enough to have with her some of the talented stylists she began her career. She is equally fortunate to have added new members to the family who helps with making the salon what it is today.

Her passion for hair drives her to be educated on the newest trends and techniques continually. Her educational experiences have brought her to NYC and California over the past few years. It is essential to Lesley that she serves her clients with her mastered skills to be on trend with her clients’ needs.


Our Mission Statement

Salon 1827’s mission is to always provide the best possible service and experience for our clients. It is a priority of our staff to advance our education as the industry changes continually. We take great pride in our work, and our number one priority is that you love the way you look!


Salon 1827 is located at: 

The Salem Market Place Plaza

224 North Broadway, Unit B3

Salem NH 03079