Why you should never brush curly hair and other curly hair tips.

Photo Credit:  Kreativ Studios

Photo Credit: Kreativ Studios


Curly hair is something that a lot of people struggle with it. It just plays by its own rules and defies gravity most of the time. It needs three times more moisture than any other hair type. There is no such thing as over conditioning and co-washing (using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo and conditioner) is your best friend.

DevaCurl has some of the best products for anyone with wavy to curly hair. “Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life.” This statement is found in a lot of their marketing and it resonates with me because much of my life revolved around my curly routine when my hair was long. It used to take hours to dry and if I put it up it had to stay that way because it would disrupt my curl pattern. “Curly hair, is bold, natural, beautiful and it's our mission to celebrate your unique curls”(DevaCurl). If it wasn’t for the fabulous stylists in my life when I was young I wouldn’t have grown to love it and embrace my hair. Till this day I fully believe curly hair is why I became a hair stylist.

It is the only hair type that you can do the exact same routine every day and get completely different results every time (like seriously, you never know what you are going to get). Most have a hard time until someone shows them the ropes. You can not, under any circumstances,  brush it when it’s dry or wet (plenty of times my mom tried). After shampooing or co-washing you have to either use your fingers with a leave-in conditioner to detangle or a wide-tooth comb. The only exception is what's called a WET Brush (can be purchased at Salon1827). The bristles on it are not stiff like regular brushes so they don’t damage the hair or pull it out. When combing through hair you always want to start at the ends and work you way up. This ensures that you are not adding any excess stress to the strand or creating more tangles along the way.

With a majority of our client base being curly and with me being a Curl Specialist (mostly because I’ve had to learn over the years and in the education I have taken), we have put together a guide to help you get started with your new curl routine. We will even break down a routine which has worked wonders for many over the years. Everything down to which products to use and why, so that you can better embrace what you were born with.

DevaCurl was one of the first to approach curly hair differently than other hair products and not just in the ingredients list. The founders of the company developed a way to cut curly hair where it lives in order to prevent excess weight in some areas and not in the others.

We were lucky enough to host one of their educators for a class this past fall. Giving the opportunity to 13 stylist (2 of which are from Salon 1827) from the New England area to learn this skill. The class including what kind of products are recommended for each individual curl pattern.

Want to know how to determine your curl pattern? You can click here for a guide published to Naturallycurly.com, which is an invaluable resource.

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