Ever thought about getting hair extensions?

They are not just for length! Extensions can be used to create fuller looking hair or to add bright color. The tape-in or micro loop  extensions can be used and reapplied *up to three times to accommodate new growth.

The initial investment depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve. The most reputable of places will require a consultation before the actual appointment and half the amount or a deposit at the time of booking. Salons do this in order to secure all the necessary materials for a smooth customer experience.

A great way to see if extensions are right for you, is to get a set of high quality clip-ins. Your stylist can recommend a good brand and can help with color matching. Wearing these can help with determining if the maintenance and care are right for you and your lifestyle, without having to commit to something that's attached to you for 6-8 weeks.

Hair extensions are a lot of work. You have to brush with the provided brush or a WET Brush, at least twice a day or you will end up with matting that will ruin your investment. You also have to stay away from certain products that can cause them to slip or fall out. Ingredients such as parabens, silicones and alcohol can damage the bond and make the extension un-usable and fall out.

Hair extensions come in some fabulous colors! You can get anything from natural to fantasy colors and some specialty color melted shades. Having a few installed for some added fun will also help you in determining if they are right for you. It would be awful if you spent all that money and then realized the added weight was to much for you or worse you don’t like the way they feel.

Already have hair extension and have a question? Below you will find a short hair care guide. Remember, extensions need to be cared for just like you would you natural hair, it also needs to be washed and conditioned. Don't forget heat protectant when styling!


Extension Care Guide

For most people, extensions can last 6-8 weeks. At that time, it is recommended to return to have them removed and reapplied. This is to prevent matting and ensures the extensions are always fresh and close to the scalp.  

Extensions can be applied up to *3 times for a total of 3-6 months of wear. They are 100% real hair and can be blow-dried, curled, and flat ironed. Keep in mind to use only approved products to protect your hair and the extensions.


Do wait 24 hours before washing hair after application. This gives the adhesive time to set the water tight seal.

Do use the products and brush provided for you. Most stylists include a mini kit at your first appointment in order to set you up for success.

Do use a leave-in conditioner concentrating on the middle and ends of the extensions. this will help with detailing the hair and making it go quicker for you.

Do wear your hair up when swimming, exercising and sleeping. This ensures less wear and tear on your extensions to keep them looking long and lovely.


Don't use any products containing alcohol, oil or ethanol. Alcohol is drying and can compromise the strength of the adhesive bond.

Don't brush hair harshly. you can risk pulling them out or you own hair. Ouch!

Don't go to bed with a wet head. They won't dry and you run the risk of other issues such as a mildew smell.

DO NOT color your hair at home! Not only does it void the warranty on a work provided but the chemicals in hair color with break the water tight seal and your extensions will fall out.

Don't try remove the extensions yourself. This is painful without the proper tool and you will damage your natural hair. Leave it to a trained pro.

Photo Credit:  Kreativ Studios

Photo Credit: Kreativ Studios

Please keep in mind when requesting these services. The total price for extensions is dependent upon the desired outcome. If you are looking to add length, the extensions must match your natural hair density to avoid looking unrealistic. If you are looking to add color or fullness to the hair less hair will be needed.


*depends on how well you take of them, some people prefer new ones every other application.

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Lots of (Hair) Love,

Lesley D. Flanagan