Balayage has been all the rage for the past five years, but is it an option for you?


Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep”, so when we apply the term to hair color it loosely translates to sweeping product onto the hair. A lot of times it’s used to describe a look when in actuality it's an application technique.  We paint hair with color or lightner and then blend it so it sits on the surface of the hair.  This creates a more lived in natural look. Using this technique we often avoid the scalp as that’s a hot zone, due to body heat, and we can end up with splotches. So, if you like your highlights to your root, this might not be for you. 

There is another option though! Its called American Balayage and it’s all over everyones Pinterest feed. It’s done by using traditional foils all over the head and then hand painting or “balayage-ing” the ends that are left out of the foils. This creates a multi dimensional look. Most often this is how you create the blondes you see in your feed. It’s a very time consuming and tedious technique, which is why it can be expensive. It can take up to 3 hours or more (depending on density and length of the hair) to apply, tone and then cut or style. 

We can often mimic a Balayaged look by using traditional highlighting options and then using two different toners and blending the two colors by melting them together. It’s usually done with a semipermanent thats very close to your natural color, applied at the root, then melted into the desired tone you are looking for on your lightened hair. 

An educated and trained eye will be able to look at your inspiration photos and direct you from there. The hair colorist will also be able to guide you based on what colors work with your skin tone and whether you hair is healthy enough for a lightening service. The brighter the color  or tone of blonde you want, the longer the appointment or you may need to book multiple appointments to get you light enough. Also if your hair has been previously colored, this needs to also be taken into consideration. Mostly due to the fact that lightening previously colored hair is a factor in the general health of your hair. Was this helpful? Drop us a line below. 

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