DevaCurl Curly Girl Routine

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Curly hair needs three times more moisture then any other hair type. There is no such thing as over conditioning; co-washing is your best friend (see below). Curly hair is the only type of hair where you can do the exact same routine every day and get completely different results every time (like seriously, you never know what you are going to get)! 

Here is a routine that works for most curly girls: 

Day 1: Wash Day (other wise known as Sunday in my house) shampoo*, conditioning mask or regular conditioner, leave-in product, styling cream, oil, (if wavy leave-in product and cream is sufficient, skip this step), diffuse (dry hair about 50% on low-medium heat and low power) or air dry.

Day 2: Restyle- Spray liberally with leave-in product or DevaCurl Mist-er Right to reactivate and reform curl, then use an alcohol free hair hairspray**

Day 3: Repeat Day 2

Day 4: Repeat Day 1- Skipping shampoo and using only your regular conditioner; this is called co-washing or conditioner rinsing. Continue with the rest of day 1 routine.

Day 5, 6, 7: Restyle or any variation of above. Figure out what works for you! 

*It's important to use a sulfate free shampoo not only if you color your hair, but also because shampoos that contain sulfates have silicones which can build up in the hair and weigh down your curls. I recommend the DEVAcurl line because it is specially formulated for wavy and curly hair.

**Alcohol is very drying to curly hair, it is best to avoid or limit use. 

Other tips:

When combing, be sure to use a wide tooth comb, NEVER a brush. 

Never sleep on wet hair, curly hair is fragile when wet and it breaks while you sleep

Sleep on a satin pillow case or wrap hair in a scarf with your curls piled loosely on top of your head with a clip or scrunchy.

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